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About the company

Hostinger doesn’t bother with slick advertising or upselling, it knows what it is:an effective, budget web hosting option for the intermediate user. Founded in 2004,the company is one of the best web hosting services for wallet-conscious owners of small to medium sites. Since then, the site has rocketed in popularity, with tens of thousands of new users enrolling every day.




 Hosting Plans overview

Three general-purpose shared hosting plans round out Hostingers starting line-up: Single, Premium, and Business web hosting. The starter plan, Single, offers hosting for one small site and a free drag-and-drop website editor. Premium plans remove limits on space, bandwidth, and the number of sites, as well as add-on optimized WordPress integration. Business, Hostinger premium shared web hosting plan, improves upon those features with daily back-ups and increased processing power and memory.
If your site needs the security and power of a private server, Hostinger six Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans are equally competitive and adaptable. All include a dedicated IP address, fast network, and SSD. They vary on the amount of RAM, bandwidth, and processing power to give options perfect for small sites to high-traffic web hubs.

Pricing concerns

Hostinger pricing schedule is highly competitive. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal with any other reputable web hosting service. Their website hosting cost is broken down into three service levels and six payment period lengths.
Like most web hosts, you have to commit for the long-term to get their low advertised prices. With Hostinger, paying upfront for three years of service will get you their best rate. A 30-day, no questions asked refund guarantee makes this a little less daunting.


Disc Space & Bandwidth

Unlimited disc space and bandwidth options on above entry-level website hosting plans seems to have become industry standard. We noticed that our larger test website ran slowly on Hostinger shared server. This issue was eliminated by upgrading that site to a VPS plan. We recommend shared servers only for small to medium sites on Hostinger to keep your site responsive for your customers.

If you’re only looking to host a small site, the Budget plan rewards your efficiency with a smaller price. It’s 10 GB of disk space and 100GB of bandwidth are plenty for your professional portfolio, wedding invite, or specialty shop.

Customer Services

Another reason we think Hostinger is best suited to smaller websites is their customer service. If you need a quick response, good luck. You get what you pay for with cheap website hosting. Their response to our query was useful, but took almost a day to pop up in our inbox.
While you wait for a response, Hostinger FAQ will come in handy. It’s clearly still being developed as some of the answers are redundant and overly brief, but it covers many topics that those new to website hosting will find useful. They also offer a deep repository of tutorials if you can’t find what you need in their FAQ.

Feature provided

One of the best benefits to using Hostinger’s hosting service is the variety of features and add-ons they offer. Even the most basic service level includes 30+ website builders, including top website builders like Drupal and WordPress hosting, and multiple file managers, SEO and statistics tools, and dozens of E-commerce add-ons. All are easy to find on their customized dashboard, which we liked even better than the standard cPanel.


Reliability and uptime

As with other budget website hosts, you may run into issue with reliability. Fortunately, you can keep on top of anything that may arise using Hostinger reliability dashboard. And even with known issues, their uptime still sits around 99%. For most sites, this is perfectly acceptable and shouldn’t be a factor in choosing a hosting provider.

Ease of use

The best thing about Hostinger is its ease-of-use. WordPress hosting is built right into the first page you see, as it pretty much any other tool you’ll regularly use. Even novice users could easily learn how to navigate their dashboard, which uses a familiar app icon format. More advanced website administrators will appreciate the easy access to file managers, site statistics, and back-end tools.


Website Building Tools available

As we mentioned before in our review, Hostinger offers all of the top website building tools. WordPress and Drupal download quickly and can be accessed directly from your main control panel. When we went to upload our existing website through their file manager, we did encounter some issues with speed and accuracy. Hostinger is best for new sites or for users who will take advantage of their easy-to-use built-in website builder, Zyro.

Bottom line:

As a budget hosting provider, Hostinger can’t be beaten. If price if your main factor in choosing hosting sites, go for it. It has everything you as an intermediate or casual web host need.

Hosting Pros:

  • Comprehensive web hosting services and features at budget price
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Website Builder and Domain Name

Hosting Cons:

  • No Phone support
  • No Traditional cPanel

Our tip

Check out Hostinger’s tutorials.

They break down website building into easy modules that can help you up your site’s speed and professionalism.



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